About the People


Dr. Bruce Schulte is the Department Head of Biology and Professor at Western Kentucky University (WKU). Bruce is studying human livelihoods, biodiversity, elephant behavior, and ecosystem functions in the Tsavo ecosystem in Kenya, in partnership with Wildlife Works. His doctoral work was on North American beaver, another ecosystem engineer. He has been studying elephant behavior for over twenty years.

Dr. Mwangi Githiru is the Director of Biodiversity and Social Monitoring at Wildlife Works, leading teams assessing environmental and social impacts of REDD+ projects in Africa. Though mainly trained in ecology, he is also interested in issues at the intersection of science-policy-conservation-economics.


Dr. Urbanus N. Mutwiwa is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Biomechanical and Environmental Engineering at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. Dr. Mutwiwa lectures and supervises students both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in agricultural structures, processing, and renewable energy.

Simon Kasaine is currently a research scientist at Wildlife Works Kenya, primarily assessing the social impacts of REDD+ projects in Kenya. Simon also worked as a graduate assistant at Western Kentucky University where he studied human-wildlife conflict in his home country of Kenya, and while at WKU he served as caretaker of the Upper Green River Biological preserve in Kentucky. His career history consists of hospitality, biological and social.

Mr. Bernard Amakobe is a researcher at Wildlife Works in the Biodiversity and Social Monitoring department. He is tasked with overseeing transects for wildlife counts, managing camera traps for passive mammal monitoring, and conducting ecological surveys on Mt. Kasigau through bird-banding to assess climate change and global warming. His main interests are conservation and restoration of rangeland ecosystems, bird conservation, and eco-tourism.


Ms. R. Lynn Von Hagen is a MS student and graduate teaching assistant at Western Kentucky University working with Dr. Bruce Schulte. Lynn has a BS in biology from Austin Peay State University in Tennessee. She has conducted research on the Louisiana water thrush and served as a wildlife care technician. She is currently conducting her MS thesis research in conjunction with the goals of the Earthwatch project.