Hyenas & Haggling

It was Thursday, and Saturday marked the end of our journey in Kenya. Naturally, then, it was time to buy souvenirs.

Following a filling breakfast, the team headed to town. Voi, the largest town in the area, is a marketplace, and as such, the perfect place to search for gifts. After a few hours of friendly bartering, the group returned to camp bearing bags of fabric, jewelry, and other ornate works.

After a late lunch, the team headed out for the third and final competitive transect, the transect to end all transects.

Team 1’s journey began with little hope, as our trail was populated only by the ever-prevalent dik-dik (pictured in the featured image). Our luck changed with the spotting of some cape buffalo and impala. However, our final spot was our luckiest and, perhaps, the game winner – a striped hyena. Upon spotting this animal, we realized how truly lucky we were to be there, and all thoughts of competition went out the window.

The striped hyena was, in fact, the game-winner, and Team 1 was victorious with a score of 492 to Team 2’s 365. In reality, we were all feeling like winners that night, as we ate our potato soup and our chapati and reflected on how incredible the past two weeks had been. Anyone could tell – if not by the transect sheets, then by the smiles on our faces.


Author: sharaschulte

I am a music major with a concentration in guitar at Western Kentucky University.

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