Fun and Games

Following the completion of block 3 and the hike on Mt. Kasigau, the team was feeling both tired and accomplished, and though we were worn and missing our loved ones, we still were not ready to return home.

The next day, post-hike, we all visited the Sesenyi school, which is just a short ways from the project site. The volunteers brought with them school supplies from the U.S., which were to be passed onto the Sesenyi school-children. As soon as we left the vehicles, inquisitive, youthful gazes met our own. 

The kids greeted us with “hello”s and high-fives, and their curiosity soon took to our cameras. One boy requested I take his portrait (marked by a thumbs-up) and show it to him. While he toyed with my camera he soon found out features with which the camera was equipped, features that, prior to that moment, I hadn’t even known existed. We’d only been there ten minutes, and the kids were already teaching us things.

 Soon the bell rang, and the students returned to their classrooms. We were met by one of the faculty, who greeted and informed us about the school while giving us a tour of the grounds. After touring the school, dropping off supplies, thanking the faculty, and signing the guestbook, we left for camp.

The evening was fast approaching, and with it a competition. The animal transects we conducted so regularly now had an added element – each animal spotted was worth a given number of points, and the team with the most points by the end of three nights would be the winner. The reward? The losing team had to buy the winners sodas at the end-of-trip barbecue. The teams are as follows:

Team 1                                              Team 2

Sarah (me)                                        Melissa

Gabe                                                   Nita

Jake                                                    Mikael

Ryan D.                                              Ryan I.

Due to a large population of vultures as well as some other good finds on Team 2’s part, day one brought a score of 243 to 176, in favor of Team 2.  Team 1, however, is trying not to feel discouraged, as there are still two more nights of spotting in our future! Let the games begin!





Author: sharaschulte

I am a music major with a concentration in guitar at Western Kentucky University.

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