Block 3 Complete

Team 2 has been working hard – block 3 is complete!

Every morning we eat breakfast at 7am and go to the fields, where we measure fields and put up deterrents. We stay entertained through conversation with each other and the farmers’, sometimes pausing to play hacky sack or to show toys to the farmers’ kids. After some hours in the fields, we return to camp for a hearty lunch. Following lunch, we spend time building fence which will be hung up the following day. During this time we listen to music, sometimes turning the fence-building into a friendly competition.

The evenings are typically spent on transects searching for wildlife. The team has maintained an ongoing species list, including elephant, giraffe, zebra, lesser kudu, impala, gerenuk, lion, cheetah, ostrich, warthog, dik-dik, black-backed jackal, baboon, and more!

The team has become tightly-knit, and it will be hard to say goodbye! Luckily, though, we still have some days of adventure ahead of us! The journey isn’t over yet.


Author: sharaschulte

I am a music major with a concentration in guitar at Western Kentucky University.

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